36th Mitropa Cup


The 36th edition of the Mitropa Cup is being held in Balatonszarszo, Hungary from September
17th to 25th. The traditional team event this year brings together 10 nations competing against
each other in an Open and a Women section on 4 boards each. The word Mitropa itself stems
from the German “Mittel (Central) Europe” so no wonder we will see European squads fighting
against each other in the upcoming days. Even though Mitropa Cup is not being part of the
official Fide Calendar it has a rich history amongst the participating countries giving the
opportunity to get the very much needed practice for talented youngsters and more
experienced players as well in a friendly atmosphere.

Open Section

Looking at the hard statistics – the previous 2 editions in the Open section were won by the
home team – Hungary seems to be the huge favorite. On a more serious note, they are the only
team with 2600+ GMs, and they have the highest rating average. On the other side though
there are many strong and balanced teams so it is really hard to predict the results.
The teams and their respective average ratings:

N Team Rating
1 Hungary 2545
2 Czech Republic 2502
3 France 2501
4 Germany 2493
5 Croatia 2486
6 Austria 2477
7 Italy 2474
8 Slovakia 2472
9 Switzerland 2446
10 Slovenia 2409

Women Section

It seems Hungary is having the strongest roaster at the women section as well. But once again there are
many solid teams which means that things are not easy at all and even one bad match result (which
might very well be decided by a single game) could potentially be lethal in the fight for the first place.
The teams and their respective average ratings:

N Team Rating
1 Hungary 2280
2 Germany 2228
3 Italy 2221
4 Poland 2215
5 Croatia 2180
6 Slovenia 2167
7 Austria 2155
8 France 2144
9 Slovakia 2098
10 Czech Republic 2079

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